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BPO 5% Cleanser

This powerful 5% liquid benzoyl peroxide daily cleanser eliminates existing and prevents future acne breakouts.



Daily Defense Mist

Protect your skin from daily exposure to environmental stressors, such as blue light and other pollutants, while offering an instant boost in hydration for a more radiant complexion.




This was my first time getting a pedicure! They were amazing! Felt so relaxed! They are such a beautiful group of women. I recommend this place to all. They offer so many services besides the pedicure. This was a calming experience! Thank you.

Linda W.

Carol and her staff are great! I made an appointment for my nails and a facial. The mani-pedi turned out beautifully and the facial was very relaxing.

Jackie S.

Me and my Dad just left Cate’s and I have got to say it was the best experience at a nail salon I have ever had! They made us feel so welcomed and my feet feel AMAZING! I highly recommend this place!

Wendy C.

My dad is visiting from TN and had a wonderful experience! This was his first facial and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He mentioned that the spa was immaculate! Thank you!

Rebecca Ajuluchukwu

The owner was very nice! Professional and did her job well. She made me feel at home, as if I had known her for years. I will definitely come back again!

Ariel Creson
What is a chemical peel? (and where you can get one, near you)

What is a chemical peel? (and where you can get one, near you)

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13 DIY Face Masks to Try at Home

13 DIY Face Masks to Try at Home

Don’t have time or the budget to get a spa facial? No problem. That’s what DIY face masks are for! In this article, we will list down all the best DIY face masks to try at home. We have included face mask recipes for all skin problems, made from natural and healthy...

What are HydraFacials? | Pros, Cons and more

What are HydraFacials? | Pros, Cons and more

We've all heard of facials and how they can rejuvenate the skin and help clean out your pores, but HydraFacials are a relatively new phenomenon. So what is this new miracle cleanse, and how effective is it, really, at cleansing difficult skin? The HydraFacial is a...